Congratulations to the New Committee Members!!


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Be a part of the Action! Join the Sustainability Club in 2016


Be the face of the Sustainability club at events and meetings. This role needs you to make sure things keep rolling along while collaborating as a part of the committee to help organise and co-ordinate the activities of the club. You will gain some serious public speaking skills, confidence, organisation and time management. It will look great on your resume and give you excellent professional networks.


Be involved in organising club events and workshops held during the semester. Your primary role will be taking minutes at the meeting, affiliation documents and day to day documentation. These meeting notes will be used for you to send out weekly newsletters to club members to let everyone know about the awesome things we are doing.


As well as playing a key role in deciding what happens in the club, you will be the person responsible for handling the money and banking. You will keep a spreadsheet of all the club’s incomings and outgoings during the semester, as well as budgeting for our different projects and fun activities.

Communications Officer

The Sustainability Club has multiple social media platforms which include Facebook, the Sustainability Club Website and Instagram. The club would greatly benefit from having a person to be able to consistently post and update these platforms and interact with the members. This is the main way the Sustainability Club attracts members and communicate events. The title will also bolster up your resume!

Shadow Positions

We need to keep the club going in the future. The club spreads a powerful message to the community in initiating and being involved in sustainable activities. There is a shadow position for every role (president, secretary, treasurer and communications officer), it is a great opportunity for you to learn the ropes and help your smooth transition into the role.

The sustainability committee acts as a team. The above description is a rough guideline, but in reality, everyone helps out the other committee members. We know that most of you are students and sometimes it can be hard managing your time you can dedicate to the club. We are all here to help you out when you need so please don’t feel that you have to strictly follow your role.

To show your interest in a role please email the club with the following information:

  • The role you’re interested in
  • Your name and best contact method (email, phone number, Facebook)
  • A few sentences of why you are interested and any experience you’ve had

Please email the sustainability club at

Thanks everyone!

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ECOfiesta poster RGB

EcoSpeakk Oceans Night Restoration Night

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More Events on the Way!


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‘How to Make Toast’ and Plan Workshops

The Bicycle Users Group, JCU Sustainability Club and JCU Business Club had a great time workshopping their plans last night. From club balls to community gardens, everyone was talking, learning and brainstorming to come up with processes for their projects!


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Warp IT!

Lessons From the WARP IT Webinar!

Daniel O’Connor is a UK based professor who introduced a recycling system in his campus from scratch. He has now managed to achieve a 90% recycling rate at his university. In his webinar he shared with us the problems he encounter and solutions he found in getting there.

Daniels Tips

Don’t spend time on the nay-sayers. Put time into those people who believe it can happen and are trying to make it happen. Eventually it will start to succeed and others will jump on board.

Create a face. Be there when changes happen. Advertise it to the campus community. Brand it, give it a name and some power

Build rapport with the stakeholders. Make sure that you get to know the people who need to make the change. Let yourself be fallible so that there is room to move and improve.

Get to know the cleaners. They know the underworld of rubbish systems in your university. They can tell you what the problems are and why.

Ensure you test any systems that you plan on implementing. Get free sample, have trial periods. Make the change incremental, for example; building by building. That way you can improve the system each time you move on to the next building.

Choose aesthetically appealing systems. It seems that the more attractive a process is, the more likely we are to want to use it.

Ask for help! Identify the different people who have experience and knowledge. People who can make the process more effective, it is better to have a number of different eyes in the process.

Also – Cool New Idea

Another great initiative is an online ‘shop’ for office items. When staff have office items they no longer need, they can upload a photo to the ‘shop’. It is not for sale, however other staff members can adopt the no longer needed items.

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Free Webinar:

“10 lessons I learned integrating a campus recycling system and what you can do to hit 90% recycling!”

Arrive at: 13:0pm

Webinar session: 2-3pm

Multimedia Lounge, JCU Library



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Playing at the Welcome Feast: In the Element


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O-Week 2015

Welcome to 2015!!

Strategies for Change

Are you a new student, or perhaps just looking to become more involved in campus life? Come and meet us on Market Day 18th of February from 11am – 2pm! We will have a stall where you can ask us all about the club, projects and weekly meetings.

After that you can help us celebrate the new semester at our free event; SUSTAINABILITY FOOD FEAST. The feast will be held from 2pm – 4pm, will include music, food, games and discussions for the new semester.

We hope to see faces of new and old here to celebrate!!!


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